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About the movie director, Igal Peeri .

Igal Peeri is an Israeli movie director.
He is currently working on a new full length feature for the cinema


Peeri has vast creative experience in the following areas:



Peeri has directed several films, including the full length feature film "Children of the Stairs" and fifteen short films.

From the film reviews of Children of the Stairs: "One of the most sensitive Israeli films ever made…The dialogue in this film is the most natural that I have ever heard in an Israeli film…The feature film debut by director Igal Peeri is the finest Israeli film this year."



Peeri's short film: "First Time Samar" was awarded first place in every category in the Israel annual short movie competition.

Peeri's short movie: "My Love, My Love" received twelve international first prize awards at film festivals throughout the world, including New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Paris.



Peeri has extensive experience in the world of periodicals, as a journalist, reporter and creative columnist. He has also served as the head photographer and graphic editor of several periodicals and other publications.



Peeri is an artistic photographer. His photographs appear in books, magazines and exhibitions. His photographs focus on human aspects: the face, the eyes, the heart and human warmth.



Peeri is the author of the book, "The People of India". He spent several months traveling throughout India, interviewing dozens of people and taking over 16,000 photographs. He recorded the most riveting and moving stories of men and women, adults and youngsters from all walks of life. These life stories and photographs join together in a colorful and personal account of life in India.

In October 2012, Peeri will set out for Greece to conduct interviews and take pictures for his new book named "The People of Greece".



Peeri has developed a workshop series to teach a unique film method that offers the most basic and yet most original form of cinematography: The creation of a movie using stills photography. Peeri has been invited to present his workshop in prestigious cinematography universities in many countries, including China, India, Brazil and Argentina, and has thus taught this unique method to thousands of students in a number of countries. 


About the Workshop:

       Target audience: students attending cinematography universities, art and commotion universities, high school students and college students, all will benefit from this workshop.

          Objectives: Students will have the opportunity to experience the creation of short films (five minutes) using still-image photography.

         Duration: The workshop takes place over the course of one week, Monday through Friday and incorporates one frontal lesson each day. This compact format ensures that the student's regular studies are not disrupted.


Lectures and private screenings

Interested parties are invited to attend a private screening of the award winning short film" My Love My Love"  after which they have the opportunity to meet the film director Igal Peeri and learn about his unique cinematography technique and the story behind this movie.


In the near future

In the near future, Peeri will be presenting his workshop to new groups of students at additional locations in the U.S., South Africa, Brazil, Russia and France.




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Writing and photography by Igal Peeri


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Workshops & Lectures
In "The Art of Storytelling Through Still-Image Filming

While still-image filming is a most basic and rudimentary method of movie making, this style can produce great masterpieces.


סרט חדש

 התסריט לסרט הקולנוע העלילתי באורך מלא נמצא בעבודה.

שם הסרט:  "וזהו סוף הזיכרון".

תסריט ובימוי: יגאל פארי


לחץ לפרטים על הסרט וההפקה


"My Love My Love". "Children of the stairs". "Home movie" Monday". "Samar first time". "Ambar second time " "The juice man". "Blue shirt"."The wagon."




"Perhaps the world is full of ice-cream-wagon that we run after to photograph, to ownership them for ourselves. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes, they slip away like a dream..."



"This is the story of the people of India. A series of interviews with acquaintances and passers-by led to the heartfelt revelations of the colorful lives of the residents of this breathtaking land


The Brahmin

(story from the book: "the peole of India")

One day, out of sheer boredom, she notices the bus driver looking at her in his big mirror. She smiles to herself; her hand unconsciously rises to smooth down her shining black hair. When she looks up again at the mirror, his eyes are already back on the road".


סיפורי חיים

"ראיתי את הראיון שנעשה עם אמא, פעם אחת עם כל המשפחה. עכשיו אני רואה חלקים ממנו לבד. יוצאים שם דברים, שפתאום אני מרגיש שאני לא רוצה להתחלק באמא הזו שלי, שכבר לא חיה. אני רוצה שהיא תהיה רק שלי”.


לכניסה לקובץ "סיפורי חיים" לחץ כאן



In the film, "My Love My Love" Igal Peeri has created

a remarkably innovative language through which he

touches upon the subject of pain and Loss.

(International film festival Haifa Israel

Jurys' Review)

















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