"My Love My Love"
International Awards

Barcelona: The Best Short Film
Washington: Best Short Film
Haifa-Israel: Best Narrative Short

San Francisco: Best Editing - Chof Golan
Los Angeles: Awarded: Integral Realization

Strasbourg: Best Actress Performance - Geva Adut
Brussels: Best Actress Performance - Elinor Birman
New York: Best Screenplay - Igal peeri

Paris: Best Directing - Igal Peeri
Golden Gate: Best Photography - Igal Peeri
Chicago: Best Photography - Igal Peeri


"My Love My Love"
(International film festival

Haifa Israel Jurys' Review)


The movie is welcome in many festivals,

awarded first place as Best Narrative Short in the Haifa International Film Festival:


In the film, "My Love My Love" Igal Peeri has created a remarkably innovative language through which he touches upon the subject of pain and loss.


Using the technique of photography-stills and a surprising soundtrack,

he weaves a well-structured tale in which reality and the absurd intertwine,

transforming a harsh cry into a thundering, unnerving, thought provoking whisper".






First Time Samar"


Documentary movie on the people in the new kibbutz Samar

The movie "First Time Samar" received all of the first places in

the Israel national short movie competition, 4 awards


Igal Peeri Best Directing

Gadi Danzig Best photography

Shoshi VolmanBest Editing

 "First Time Samar" - The best short movie of the year


Beautiful, lyric, ironic and sad movie

From the review written by: Yoseph Netzer (“Weekly” Magazine)


Written after the third screening – and I'm afraid I still haven't seen it all… 


One of the movie’s characters, a young man, attempts to build a house out rocks and mud: materials that he finds lying around him. This "house" never reaches completion during the movie. The work on it is usually only to release tension. The character likes to crouch down on the corner column of the house like a big desert bird, without moving, as if immersed in nirvana.


This man crouching down, together with the last scene: a wild horse galloping in circles around a garden bed, are the most powerful symbols of the movie. They stick with you in your subconscious long after you have left the cinema.


The strength of an artist is in his ability to completely identify with his characters up to the point where he is able to view the world through their eyes.


This movie reveals Igal Peeri as a true artist of the silver screen. He produced a movie that contains everything that the Samar people cherish: Poetry, beauty and naivety.


Beautiful, lyric, ironic and sad movie – a creation of Igal Peeri.





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