:Publication of a photography book titled

The People of India


About myself:
My name is Igal Peeri, I am Israeli film director, writer, and photographer.
My most recent film, "My Love, My Love", is a short movie that I wrote,
directed and photographed.

"My Love, My Love" is a big success in film festivals all over the world.
To date, the film has received 12 international awards in New York, Paris, Barcelona, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and more

In 2008-2009 I created a workshop that focuses upon special aspects of cinematography and film making. I taught 3 months as a Guest Teacher in the best universities in China, Thailand, Myanmar, and India.

Most recently, I received an offer form an Indian broadcast magazine to join their staff as a photographer and columnist.

In the summer 2010 I will start to shoot my full length movie, according to story that I wrote.

My proposal:
Creation of a photography book titled: The People of India
This book will focus on the people of India, combining full color photographs and personal stories.

I have already written a similar book about the people of India. I spent several months traveling throughout the country, interviewing 50 people and taking over 16,000 photographs. I heard the most riveting and moving stories of men and women, adults and youngsters from all walks of life.

"This is the story of the people of India. A series of interviews with acquaintances and passers-by led to the heartfelt revelations of the colorful lives of the residents of this breathtaking land."


Igal Peeri



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