Proposal for a Lecture and Workshop in:
"The Art of Storytelling using
Still-Image Filming"

5 days of workshop, in every day 1 lesson of instruction.

The Workshop Suitable for high school students, students of ordinary

universities, and students of movie universities


The Poster of the Peeri's Stills-Photography Movie: "My Love, My Love"


"The Art of Storytelling using Still-Image Filming"

5 days of workshop, in every day 1 lesson of instruction.


My name is Igal Peeri and I am a movie director. I would like to offer an innovative lecture series that teaches the most basic and yet most original form of cinematography: The creation of a movie using stills photography.


My experience as a film director, write and photographer has led me to specialize in innovative methods of the art of storytelling through still-image filming. I taught in the most prestigious Cinematography universities in those countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay.

In the near future, I will be presenting my workshop to new groups of students at additional locations in the U.S. (Boston and San Francisco), South Africa (Cape Town), Russia (Moscow),

and France (Paris).


My film: "My Love My Love" is an example of this technique. The film received international awards in: 

New York, Brussels, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona, Strasburg, Israel, Washington, Paris, and Chicago.


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Film stills make no attempt to mimic a regular movie in any way. Each picture presents a statement of its own so it is possible to appreciate and experience each and every picture at its full value.


Using stills photography in films is similar to composing poetry. Subject choice is an integral part of the challenge. While still-image films may implement the most basic and rudimentary method of movie making, this style can produce great masterpieces.


The lecture and workshop series presents all the technical preparations at the most professional and meticulous level, with special emphasis on the creative process, stressing persistence when necessary and flexibility when required.


The workshop will provide the tools needed to create a productive, encouraging, and creative atmosphere throughout all the stages of the film preparation.



 Elinor Birman – The Star of "My Love, My Love"


Information about my workshop

Age – The Workshop Suitable for high school students, students of

ordinary universities, and students of movie universities

The aim of the workshop - To give students the opportunity to experience making five minute short films using photographic stills.

Duration - The workshop will take place one lesson each day, one week, Monday thru Friday. This will comprise of and therefore should not interrupt student's regular studies.

Previous experience or qualification required to participate in the workshop – No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Structure of classes – Students will work together in groups of two or three to make the studio films.

Required camera – Photographs taken using the most basic camera, including mobile phones.

Editing – We use basic editing software that can be found on any home PC.

Translation – As well as speaking English myself I have a team of translators from a local school ready to help when required.

Subject of the Movies – Students themselves will choose their own subjects.

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Additional Creative Programs in the Workshop – Supplementary Proposals


1. Workshop University Film Festival

At the end of the workshop, the university could hold a gala film festival

during which all of the student films would be screened.


2. Workshop Photo Exhibition

Since the students participating in the workshop will be producing a film

using stills images, the university take this opportunity to present an exhibition of the photographs taken by the students during the

film-making process.


3. Workshop Film Journal

The university could publish a book in which each student can document

his/ her experience in still image film making. A few pages would be allotted

to each student to describe the story behind his /her movie, the number of

photographs taken, difficulties encountered, the process experienced,

credits to the film crew, etc.

I would guide the students in the preparation and editing of the book. The

graphic design could be completed by the university's graphic arts



Additional options:

Poster - of each participant's movie.
Internet site - for the workshop and the festival.
Documentary – on making the movies.
Programs - on movie making, in the university network.


Igal Peeri:
Mobile - 972-54-4320097

Home -  972-4-6320613



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In his tours, Award-winning movie director Igal Peeri, taught in these most prestigious Cinematography Universities:


1 - Beijing Film Academy

2 - Beijing The Central Theater Academy
3 - Beijing China Opera Academy
4 - Beijing Qinghua Art Academy

5 - Beijing China Communication University
6 - Beijing Normal University
7 - Xi'an Euro-Asia College.
8 - Chengdu University of Film and Broadcasting

9 - Chengdu University

10 - Guangzhou - Fine Arts Academy
11 - Guangzhou - Jinan University                                     


Movie director Igal Peeri


Hanoi - Theatre and Cinema University Thailand
Saigon - HCMC of Theatre and Cinema


Bangkok - University Cinema Department,


Yangon - The National University of Art & Culture


Mumbai - Xavier Institute of TV and Video Communications


Natal - Alliance


Buenos Aires - ORT


Montevideo Ort University

These universities are among the most prestigious Cinematography universities in those countries.



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 Movie director Igal Peeri - Workshop Business model

I do the workshops not as business, so I asked only the expenses.

I pay my own ticket to from Israel to and back to Israel.

Requests from the institute:

1. Internal flights.

2. Pick me up at the airport and return me to the airport.

3. Cover my expenses for the days I teach the workshop.

The workshop begins on Monday and ends on Friday.

I arrive in Sunday (1 day before the workshop)

I leave in Saturday (1 day after the end of the workshop) so I asked

expenses for 7 days

The expenses:

Accommodation - 7 days fee of the hotel, it can be a very simple

clean hotel, I don't need more.

Maintenance - (50 Euro per day) X (7 days) = Euro 350

This method takes place also in the universities in China, Brazil,

Argentina, Uruguay Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc






Movie Professor An Zhi Cheng

From the Xi'an Chinese University

to Israeli Movie Director Igal Peeri


“Your lectures teach the students a new way of feeling, a new type of creativity. Students can truly benefit from your lecture; they learn to follow the feelings of their hearts.

In China, young people receive education in a very traditional Chinese way.
Teachers tell their students exactly what to do. They tell them what is right and what is wrong. Students do not make choices according to their own judgments.

They learn the "right" way to think and do, but do not know what it means to "feel in their hearts". Therefore, most Chinese students lack creativity and inspiration. They are used to asking their teachers what to do all the time and how to do it right. That is not the type of creative work that comes from the heart. Your lectures opened the door to a new way of feeling, and a new type of creativity.

The students learned so much from your lecture. Now, when they embark on a creative project, they know that they have to follow their hearts and their own inner feelings. That is what is most important of all.

The students will follow their hearts,
And their own inner feelings"




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"My Love My Love"


The movie is welcome in many festivals, awarded first place as

Best Narrative Short in the Haifa International Film Festival:


In the film, "My Love My Love" Igal Peeri has created a remarkably

innovative language through which he touches upon the subject of pain

and loss. Using the technique of photography-stills and a surprising

soundtrack, he weaves a well-structured tale in which

reality and the absurd intertwine, transforming a harsh cry into a

thundering, unnerving, thought provoking whisper".

(International Film Festival Haifa Israel Judges' Review)



"My Love My Love"
International Awards

Barcelona: The Best Short Film
Washington: Best Short Film
Haifa-Israel: Best Narrative Short

San Francisco: Best Editing - Chof Golan
Los Angeles: Awarded: Integral Realization
Golden Gate: Awarded: Special Mentions

Strasbourg: Best Actress Performance - Geva Adut
Brussels: Best Actress Performance - Elinor Birman
New York: Best Screenplay - Igal peeri

Paris: Best Directing - Igal Peeri
San Francisco: Best Photography - Igal Peeri
Chicago: Best Photography - Igal Peeri













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