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"My Love My Love"

(15 Min)


Love story between girl 17 years old

who knows that her boy friend going to killed in this war

Trailer "My Love My Love"





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"My Love My Love"

(International film festival Haifa Israel Jurys' Review)


The movie is welcome in many festivals, awarded first place as

Best Narrative Short in the Haifa International Film Festival:


In the film, "My Love My Love" Igal Peeri has created a remarkably

innovative language through which he touches upon the subject of pain

and loss. Using the technique of photography-stills and a surprising

soundtrack, he weaves a well-structured tale in which

reality and the absurd intertwine, transforming a harsh cry into a

thundering, unnerving, thought provoking whisper".


"My Love My Love"
International Awards


Barcelona: The Best Short Film
Washington: Best Short Film
Haifa-Israel: Best Narrative Short


San Francisco: Best Editing - Chof Golan
Los Angeles: Awarded: Integral Realization


Strasbourg: Best Actress Performance - Geva Adut
Brussels: Best Actress Performance - Elinor Birman

New York: Best Screenplay - Igal peeri


Paris: Best Directing - Igal Peeri
Golden Gate:: Best Photography - Igal Peeri
Chicago: Best Photography - Igal Peeri




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    The Producer: JARROW L. ROGOVIN



  Producer: Jarrow L. Rogovin

  Manager: Noa Cogan

  Editing: Chof Golan

  Director: Igal Peeri 

  Writer: Igal Peeri 
  Photography: Igal Peeri 

  Leading Actress:  Elinor Birman 
  Leading Actor: Geva Adut 



  Title of the Film: My Love My Love

  Genre: Drama 
15 minutes 
  Original Format: 35 m”m

  Country: Israel

  Languages: Hebrew, English

  Subtitles : Chinese, vietnamese





She never realy knew if she hit on him or he on her

It wasn’t important, but every time the subject came up they remember.

  She saw him walking up the street, she was at the bus stop 

he was walking alone, the street was empty, the sun had started to set.




She knew he will die, soldiers die in Lebanon

That’s how it was. Not all die, but he will.

When she parted from him on Sunday mornings she did not weep,

she would embrace him for the last time.


And then she phoned the Hizbbalah.

 They asked her which newspaper does she write for.

She said she doesn’t write for one and she only wants the films

they take of the explosions of the convoys.




They told her to phone in one hour

She phoned and they wanted to know if she wants one specific explosion,

 she said yes, one that hasn’t happened yet.


They told her she must buy them all or none.

She laughed and asked if they were mad.

And she wanted to know how much it would cost, they said: per head. 100$ per head.

She  was frightened and asked if they were Hizbbalah they told her to hurry because they had other productions. She agreed..

She transferred the money via her uncle Michel from France.




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About the making of this movie

Time Period: The film was prepared over a 4 year period and involved about 20 days of photography.


Equipment: Photographs were taken using a Nikon F65 and the film used was Fuji ASA 200


Laboratory: The films were developed and printed in Hadera, Israel using a regular photography lab.


Scanning: An attempt was made to scan the negatives but was unsuccessful. The photographs were scanned using a normal household scanner (DPI 600).


Complications: The most complicated scene to photograph was the wedding scene. Over 100 people participated in this scene.


Actors: The main actors Eleanor Bierman and Gaver Adoot, this was the first time either one had participated in a film. Needless to say, the world awaits there arrival on the silver screen.


7000: 7000 photographs were taken and from these 1000 were used in the film. The editing process took 50 days.



Editing: Chof Golan a superb editor made two important decisions from the beginning. 1. Not to use zoom in and zoom out on the stills and 2. Not to use Pan Movement across each photograph thus creating the impression of movement.


Persian Carpet: The process of selecting the photographs to use in the film was extremely complicated, to convey continuity of movement, time and relativity each photograph had to be linked to the photograph before and after it. Very time consuming and exacting task but the result which is little like a Persian carpet makes it all worthwhile.


Perseverance or down right pigheadedness:

The film was entered into a festival in New York, the courier service that delivered the film managed to find the building in Manhattan but not the office of the festival and therefore gave up. Desperate to enter this film into the festival new copies were sent from Indian, Israel and the USA one of which arrived on time. The film was awarded a first prize for the script. 





The End



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